Thursday, November 24, 2022

My First Blog Post! Yay! 😊

 Hi! I'm Miz Amanda!

Well, this is my first Blog Post. I haven't kept a Blog going in such a long time. I might take me a bit before I get my groove and roll it out like I once knew how. I think this is where that, "Use it or lose it." ...applies perfectly for me. 😂

For now, I would love to take this opportunity to let you know that I have started up a new YouTube channel. Other than live streaming me playing video games, I plan on spending Sundays reading books from classic stories along with books about famous and not so famous people, and other things. And, when I can figure out how to set up my camera and microphone in my kitchen, I will be cooking or baking from scratch LIVE so you can watch me.

These are my initial ideas of what I want to do on my YouTube channel. Who knows what else I might decide to do. Time will tell. Anyway, if you want to join me, here is the URL addy to lead you the way. While you're there I welcome you please to subscribe to my channel, like any videos you watch and by all means leave a comment. You can get to my YouTube Channel by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog!

Thank you for stopping by!